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Day-to-day products and services

General Pricing

These prices are for individual items when not included in the Package Pricing or Event Pricing.

Pricing by Individual Product or Service

One hour show production (basic video and editing)
Editing per hour
File upload or transfer (online or USB, includes rights)
One hour consultation
Band rehearsal (per hour)
Standard Interview (recorded, edited, and published)
Premium Interview (above + file transfer and rights)
DVD Creation

Event Space

Our 5000 square foot warehouse space is equipped with built-in multi-camera live streaming and TV production, stage, green screen, washrooms, and everything you need to make your event or film project the most it can be. Email your requirements and let's start the conversation. Calculate capacity here.

5000 square foot warehouse/event space

Band Rehearsal
Green Screen Wall (use of whole space for filming)
Day Rate (for use of space only)
Live Streaming (setup charge extra if required)
Extras: Parking, Tables, Chairs, Stage, Lights, Security, PA, Sound Engineer, Decor, Food and Drink